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so I have 2 buttons(Accept, Deny) which both reveal a related div with another button.

When the 3rd button (For Accept) is clicked, I want to disable the 2nd (Deny) after you click on Accept to slideIn the Accept form and then click on the Send Accept button.

  • Click on Accept
  • Click on Send Accept
  • The Box Deny button should not work anymore

enter image description here

I remove the class option that is used on deny after you click Send Accept, but the action still remains and the Deny button will still work :(

My codepen: http://codepen.io/leongaban/pen/hKDIJ


<div id="accept" class="option btn_accept">

<div id="deny" class="option btn_deny">

<div id="accept_msg">
<form id="accept_form">
  <textarea name="" id="" cols="30" rows="2">ACCEPT! textarea</textarea>
  <button id="send_accept">SEND ACCEPT</button>

<div id="deny_msg">
<form id="deny_form">
  <textarea name="" id="" cols="30" rows="2">DENY! textarea</textarea>
  <button id="send_deny">SEND DENY</button>


$('.option').unbind('click').bind("click", function() {

  var user_choice = $(this).attr('id');

  if (user_choice === 'accept') {
    $('#accept_msg').slideDown('fast', function() {});
    $('#deny_msg').slideUp('fast', function() {});
    $('.btn_accept').css('background', 'orange');
    $('.btn_deny').css('background', '#ccc');
  // IF DENY
  } else if (user_choice === 'deny') {
    $('#accept_msg').slideUp('fast', function() {});
    $('#deny_msg').slideDown('fast', function() {});
    $('.btn_deny').css('background', 'blue');
    $('.btn_accept').css('background', '#ccc');


$('#accept_form').unbind('submit').bind("submit", function() {
  var btn_send_accept = $('#send_accept');
  var btn_deny = $('#deny');

  $(btn_send_accept).attr("disabled", "disabled");


Any thoughts / tips?

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Have you tried to set the "disabled" attribute of the textarea that you want to disable? –  DwB Sep 9 '13 at 17:37

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Use .off() to disable click event handler:

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Sweet thanks! :D –  Leon Gaban Sep 9 '13 at 18:18

YOu can use the hasClass jquery method to stop the action from being processed if you have marked the button as disabled. Example:

$('#mybutton').click(function() {
    if (!$(this).hasClass('btn-disabled')) {
        /* process button click */
    } else {
        /* cancel */
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You have to ".unbind" it after user click "#btn_send_accept"

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This works too :) hmm unbind does sound more correct –  Leon Gaban Sep 9 '13 at 18:19

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