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I have two servlets. A and B. I need to make use of the variable from servlet A in servlet B say servlet A has String name="geoinformatics." I need to make use of this in Servlet B. On my research i was asked to use 1)requestDispatcher 2)set session attribute and receive it from B. 3)use servletContext to set and get the attribute. i tried but in vain Any help on this would be appreciated.Please provide some examples to make it clear.thanks

Servlet A :
String name="geoinformatics";
ServletContext context=getServletContext();

Servlet B :
ServletContext context=getServletContext();
String type=(String)context.getAttribute("action");
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You need to show code indicating what you've tried for anybody to be able to help you –  StormeHawke Sep 9 '13 at 17:35

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Try setting the attribute with the request instead of the context.

req.setAttribute (key, value);

req.getAttribute (key);

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