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I have an app that is doing a really weird thing.

I have 2 models with a has_many association: Group has_many :members. (A Member can only belong to one Group.) So I try to list the members of a group as such:

  <%= for member in @group.members do %>
    <li class="entry">
      <%= link_to member.name, member_path(member) %>
  <% end %>

Simple enough; it's the same logic I used to list all groups, in the group index, and it works fine. However, this is the HTML output:


    <li class="entry">
      <a href="/members/23">John Doe</a>

    <li class="entry">
      <a href="/members/25">Jane Doe</a>
[#&lt;Member id: 23, name: &quot;John Doe&quot;, [timestamps], group_id: 3&gt;, #&lt;Member id: 25, name: &quot;Jane Doe&quot;, [timestamps], group_id: 3&gt;]</ul>

What the hell? I have no inspect or debug call anywhere in my views, and yet it keeps appending the entire query after the loop. The same happens with the each iterator.

It's maybe worth noting that the Member model also has a has_many :through association with another model, Seminar, (:through => :memberships). I iterate through the association in the same way and the same happens.

What is going on?

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Change your ERB tags:

<% for member in @group.members do %>


<%= for member in @group.members do %>
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...I can't believe that slipped right past me. Thanks. –  San Diago Sep 9 '13 at 18:15

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