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I am having troubles manipulating raw data. I am trying to change around a resp_cookie in my ISAKMP header and when I do a sniff on the packet it is all in raw data format under Raw Load='\x00\x43\x01........... ' with about 3 lines like that. When I do a Wireshark capture I see the information I want to change but I cant seem to find a way to convert and change that raw data to find and replace the information I am looking for. Also, I can see the information I need when I do a hexdump(), but I can't store that in a variable. when I type i = hexdump(pkt) it spits out the hexdump but doesn't store the hexdump in i.

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Raw load is just a string. Hopefully the following output answers your question:

###[ Ethernet ]###
  dst       = ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
  src       = 00:00:00:00:00:00
  type      = IPv4
###[ IP ]###
     version   = 4
     ihl       = None
     tos       = 0x0
     len       = None
     id        = 1
     flags     = 
     frag      = 0
     ttl       = 64
     proto     = udp
     chksum    = None
     src       =
     dst       =
     \options   \
###[ UDP ]###
        sport     = domain
        dport     = domain
        len       = None
        chksum    = None
###[ Raw ]###
           load      = 'ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ'
>>> rawLoad = pkt.getlayer(Raw).load
>>> rawLoad
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