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My app has a link to open a pdf using:

Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse("http://linkgoeshere/filename.pdf")

this works fine when the user wants to see the pdf the first time. however i dont want the user to download the file over and over again when it is already available on the device. So, how do I check if the file already exists (afaik the download path depends on the used device/ android version), and in case it exists how do i open it directly instead of downloading.

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Android has a default download directory:


You can check this directory for the downloaded file (API >= 8)

Opening a pdf file is described here:

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thanks, i ll try this later today. any more hints about how to check for the existing pdf file before opening? – jay Sep 10 '13 at 10:20
File f = new File(filePathString); if(f.exists()) – Andi Krusch Sep 10 '13 at 10:46

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