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I am trying to use this tutorial from microsoft.... here

I cannot get installutil to install it... I keep getting "Remove InstallState file because there are no installers."

There is clearly an installer in the exe.... here is the installer as it exists in my code:

        // Provide the ProjectInstaller class which allows 
    // the service to be installed by the Installutil.exe tool
    public class ProjectInstaller : Installer
        private ServiceProcessInstaller process;
        private ServiceInstaller service;

        public ProjectInstaller()
            process = new ServiceProcessInstaller();
            process.Account = ServiceAccount.LocalSystem;
            service = new ServiceInstaller();
            service.ServiceName = "WCFWindowsServiceSample";

This is pretty annoying at this point. If someone could look at the Microsoft article which is pretty simple I would appreciate any help. With the installer there, I don't know why the installutil will not find it.

Yes I am running a visual studio command prompt as an administrator to do this.

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Is there more information output, or just the "Remove InstallState..." message? –  Jim Mischel Sep 9 '13 at 21:41

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Oddly to fix this I needed to move the installer to a new cs file and that did it. I simply created a new class file and moved the exact same class from the main file to this other file and it installed ok. It doesn't make sense to me but this is a workaround for those who may be interested.

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Maybe the project needed a rebuild. I have seen VS have bugs in that it does not always rebuild when necessary. –  usr Sep 10 '13 at 12:48

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