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I have created a new primary key in customers called newid. The field idcustomers of events reflects the idcustomers field in customers. I want the idcustomers field of events to now be changed to the new value located in newid. I started a query but it is not working yet...

update events set events.customerid = customers.newid where events.customerid = customers.customerid;

Can this be accomplished with an update?

Thanks in advance...

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can newid have the same value of an existing customer id? – fthiella Sep 9 '13 at 21:21
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  events INNER JOIN customers
  ON events.customerid=customers.idcustomers
  events.customerid = customers.newid

Please see fiddle here

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If you have actually defined a foreign key to MySql, then you have a problem with your update because the events.customerid references customers.idcustomers not customers.newid. Your referential integrity checks will cause the update to fail if the value in customers.newid doesn't already exist in customers.idcustomers somewhere.

Assuming this is a one-time update, you would need to:

  • Drop the foreign key index between events.customerid and customers.customerid.
  • Perform your update on events setting events.customerid = customers.newid
  • Perform your update on customers setting customers.customerid = customers.newid. Note that this will be a problem if any of the customers.newid already exist in customers.customerid
  • Recreate your foreign key index

An alternative would be to:

  • Create a new customers table setting customers.customerid = customers.newid
  • Drop the foreign key index between events.customerid and customers.customerid.
  • Perform your update on events setting events.customerid = customers.newid
  • Replace your original customers table with your new one
  • Recreate your foreign key index
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