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Goal is to print out the content within each subcategory/subcategories.

I have a list of categories and then subcategories. The subcategories and contents have a has_many :through relationship. I need to be able to click on one or more subcategories and then show the related contents. Not sure of a couple things:

1) Do I make a subcategories controller and build out the filtering there or go through the contents controller?

2) Should I just make a custom route?

Here is what I have now.

contents table

  create_table "contents", :force => true do |t|
    t.string   "title"
    t.text     "short_description"
    t.text     "long_description"
    t.datetime "published_date"
    t.datetime "edited_date"
    t.string   "read_length_time"
    t.string   "tag"
    t.integer  "author_id"
    t.integer  "contenttype_id"
    t.string   "collection"
    t.integer  "collection_id"
    t.string   "subcategory"
    t.integer  "subcategory_id"
    t.boolean  "published"
    t.datetime "created_at",               :null => false
    t.datetime "updated_at",               :null => false
    t.string   "image_file_name"
    t.string   "image_content_type"
    t.integer  "image_file_size"
    t.datetime "image_updated_at"
    t.string   "infographic_file_name"
    t.string   "infographic_content_type"
    t.integer  "infographic_file_size"
    t.datetime "infographic_updated_at"
    t.string   "video"

subcategories table

      create_table "subcategories", :force => true do |t|
        t.string   "title"
        t.integer  "category_id"
        t.string   "content"
        t.integer  "content_id"
        t.datetime "created_at",  :null => false
        t.datetime "updated_at",  :null => false

join table
create_table "subcats_contents", :id => false, :force => true do |t|
    t.integer "subcategory_id"
    t.integer "content_id"

  add_index "subcats_contents", ["content_id"], :name => "index_subcats_contents_on_content_id"
  add_index "subcats_contents", ["subcategory_id", "content_id"], :name => "index_subcats_contents_on_subcategory_id_and_content_id"
  add_index "subcats_contents", ["subcategory_id"], :name => "index_subcats_contents_on_subcategory_id"


  match 'contents/filter_association/:id' => 'contents#filter_association', :as => 'filter_association', :via => :get

contents controller

  def filter_association
    @subcategory = Subcategory.find_by_id(params[:id])
    Subcategory.where.merge(-> { joins(:content_id) })

    respond_to do |format|
      format.json { render json: @content }

Here is the view for click on the subcategories :

  <% @subcategories.each do |subcategory| %>
      <td><%= subcategory.title %></td><br/>
      <td><%= check_box_tag (:subcategory) %></td>
  <% end %>
<%= submit_tag "submit" %>

ERROR: wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)

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You got an error because you didn't pass any params to where method.

If I understood correctly, you are receiving some list of subcategories from the user form and you want to get the list of all contents associated with those subcategories.

Content.joins(:subcategories).where(:subcategories => {:id => <variable with subcategory ids>}).group(:content => :id)
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Thanks this is definitely closer I just watched… although I'm not sure what you mean by <variable with subcategory ids> - would this be the content id or subcats_contents? – Diego Sep 9 '13 at 22:13
This is the bit which isn't clear for me from your question. How do you select subcategories for which content is to be displayed? Do you have some kind of form (with checkboxed list or sth?) – BroiSatse Sep 9 '13 at 22:29
I see. For now I could do check boxes, but in the future I will need to just select the word. Does that help? – Diego Sep 9 '13 at 22:57
Could you add your view code with the form where you select subcategories to display? – BroiSatse Sep 9 '13 at 23:14
Added at the end. :) – Diego Sep 9 '13 at 23:19

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