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I have a class in PHP like this:

class RandomNumberStorer{

     var $integers = [];

     public function store_number($int){
         array_push($this->integers, $int);

     public function run(){

...elsewhere I have a function that takes a function as a parameter, say:

function generate_number($thingtoDo){ 

So I initialise a RandomNumberStorer and run it:

$rns = new RandomNumberStorer();

And I get an error stating that there has been a 'Call to undefined function store_number'. Now, I understand that that with store_number's being within the RandomNumberStorer class, it is a more a method but is there any way I can pass a class method into the generate_number function?

I have tried moving the store_number function out of the class, but then I then, of course, I get an error relating to the reference to $this out of the context of a class/ instance.

I would like to avoid passing the instance of RandomNumberStorer to the external generate_number function since I use this function elsewhere.

Can this even be done? I was envisaging something like:

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Try: generate_number(array($this, 'store_number')) –  elclanrs Sep 9 '13 at 21:49
@elclanrs It worked! No idea why. How does generate_number know what to do with an array? –  Jon Sep 9 '13 at 21:52
It's a PHP feature, check answer below, has good explanation. –  elclanrs Sep 9 '13 at 21:57
Apart from being a dupe, why would a RandomDataStorer have a method run? Either your class stores RandomNumbers, which makes it a Collection/Array data type of thing. Or it generates numbers, which makes it a Service kind of thing. Why would it do both? This seems to be much more a design problem than anything else. –  Gordon Sep 9 '13 at 22:00
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You need to describe the RandomNumberStore::store_number method of the current instance as a callable. The manual page says to do that as follows:

A method of an instantiated object is passed as an array containing an object at index 0 and the method name at index 1.

So what you would write is:

generate_number([$this, 'store_number']);

As an aside, you could also do the same in another manner which is worse from a technical perspective, but more intuitive:

generate_number(function($int) { $this->store_number($int); });
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