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So I'm developing a custom plugin for a client and I have come across something strange, if I query the database with certain sql, echo does not work anymore. The exact query is:

$wpdb->query("DELETE FROM " . $wpdb->prefix . "my_custom_plugin_table" . " WHERE email='" . esc_sql($_GET['email']) . "'");

If I have that in my code then any echo will not work. However, this query does not matter whether it's in or not, echoing will still work:

$wpdb->query("UPDATE " . $wpdb->prefix . "my_custom_plugin_table" . " SET confirmed=1 WHERE email='" . esc_sql($_GET['email']) . "'");

I believe my syntax is correct as it performs both of these operations successfully. But no echo's, before or after, will work.

I"ve also tried using the delete command instead but the same problem occurs:

$table = $wpdb->prefix . "my_custom_plugin_table";
$data = array(
   'email' => esc_sql($_GET['email'])
$format = array(
$wpdb->delete($table, $data, $format);

Anybody have the same problem or idea to fix it?

Also new problem that I'm trying to fix is trying to get this to work:

if (mysqli_num_rows($results) == 0)

it always triggers whether there are any results or not, I've tried count(), just if($results), !is_array() (well this actually always evaluates to false... meaning it is an array which makes sense even if it's empty), if($results[0])... and nothing seems to be working! It always evaluates to true

I know there are results because if I take this out, the foreach() code always runs and performs correctly, minus the echo output mentioned above...

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