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I like VB.NET, but I can't run the applications anywhere the .NET framework is not installed. Can I make VB6 use the controls that the operating system it runs on uses? I have been searching for this for a while, but with no luck. Thanks

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What exactly are you asking?

  • If you are asking whether you need to install the VB6 runtime: no, from Windows Vista onwards it is part of Windows, and does not need to be installed. You can even use registry-free-COM to create VB6 applications that use third-party controls but do not need an install package.
  • If you are asking whether it's possible to improve the visual appearance of a VB6 program so that it looks less old-fashioned, and more like the standard Windows visual styles: yes it is. E.g. use the free add-in VBAdvance option "XP Manifest Resource Compiler".
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Yes, I want to make it look not so old-fashoned Thanks – The Count Sep 11 '13 at 23:09
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It looks to me like you want to use some of the newer .NET controls within your VB6 application.

This article might help you -

It will use the .Net framework that is installed on the machine. You shouldn't have to package any controls up separately.

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Does this use the .NET framework, or does it package those files with the application. – The Count Sep 11 '13 at 23:20

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