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Run with command line works !

In command line mvn install android:deploy android:run works fine.

Run with Eclipse fails with dx error

I try to run my application with eclipse run as > Android Application

Then, it always fails with error

[2013-09-10 00:19:51 - facets-mvn-integ-test] Dx trouble processing "javax/xml/namespace/QName.class":

My Eclipse configuration

I use the following pugin :

maven 3.0.4


(same binary I use in command line - but It also fails with eclipse embedded one)

m2e 1.4.0 & android configurator for m2e 0.4.2


It works in Eclipse when I use private libraries instead of maven ...

If I dot not export Maven Dependencies I dot not have any dx error but I obvously have ClassNotFoundException

Weird fact is that when I dot not export maven libraries but I put the exact same jar un lib folder such as the libraries are exported with Andrdoid private libarries, it works fine.

Sadly, this is an acceptable solution.

It works in Eclipse when I remove the android dependency ...

I'll be digging but I could not find any solution : I read somewhere to remove android dependency from pom. And it works in Eclipse ! But obviously, it does not work anymore with command line.

Here is my actual pom dependecies conf



So if anybody has faced this problem any help will be really appreciated ..

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Note : I noticed that the bin and the target folder are different after an Eclipse or a maven commmand line build. - In the first case the target is empty but bin has a folder called dexedLibs with all my libs. - In the 2nd case target is not empty and as a classes.dex file. I guess because dx ended with success –  Guillaume Lung Sep 9 '13 at 23:00
It looks as though your JDom dependency is pulling classes in the restricted javax.xml package. Do you have any more errors appearing in your logs, for example a full stacktrace? –  Ricardo Gladwell Sep 10 '13 at 14:30

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I think it may be the way you are running the app from Eclipse. Try defining a Run or Debug Configuration under Maven Build with Goals: clean install android:deploy android:run

Also, set Base directory to the location of your pom.

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Thx @Dave. What you propose is using maven in eclipse the way I maven use in with command line. It means I would not use m2e-android connector. But I would really like maven to be fully integrated in Eclipse. Your solution might be my fall back ... –  Guillaume Lung Sep 10 '13 at 9:18
Where are you getting that information? I don't think Android m2e alters the Android run configurations. If I try to run a Maven Android project with Run As > Android Application, I get Dex Loader errors. It never runs any Maven commands, and so the build is entirely hosed. I think you have to use the Maven Build configurations to leverage m2e. It is somewhat like using Maven from the command line, but I've still had issues even when a command line build works. –  Dave Sep 11 '13 at 4:03
Try rgladwell.github.io/m2e-android –  Guillaume Lung Sep 12 '13 at 8:49
I am aware of what it is and who made it. I am asking why you think it is supposed to affect the debug/run configurations. I have seen no mention of that, nor do I think it makes sense. How would one plugin alter the GUI callbacks of another plugin? Even if that's possible, it would be a terrible practice. –  Dave Sep 12 '13 at 13:46

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