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I'm writing a script to grab all the policies from a netscreen firewall. The contents of the expect_out buffer after i send the "get policy all" command is only a partial output. I have increased the expect_out buffer size to well over the amount but it still only is showing a subset of the output.

I set the buffer twice to make sure, and when checking it within the "-re {Total regular policies.*} {" section the buffer size is 50000.

match_max 50000
set expect_out(buffer) {}

# connect to firewall
spawn ssh $fwLogin@$fwIp -p$fwPort
match_max 50000
set expect_out(buffer) {}

# ......

send "get policy all\r"
expect {
    -re {Total regular policies.*} {
        set policyListResults [regexp -nocase -all -inline -lineanchor {^\s*(\d+)\s+} $expect_out(0,string)]
        foreach {whole policyID} $policyListResults {
            if {$policyID != 32002} {
                lappend policyIDList $policyID
        send_user "Found Policy IDs: $policyIDList\n"
    } -gl "$prompt" {
        send_user "Didn't get Policy ID list!.. Skipping firewall! \n"
        return 1
    } timeout {
        send_user "Timeout getting Policy IDs...Skipping firewall\n"
        # still not sure if we should continue or exit at this point....
        # so keeping safe and just continuing with the next vsys
        return 1
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Is it possible to match a single policy and exp_continue to keep waiting for the end of the policies (or the next single policy)? –  Donal Fellows Sep 10 '13 at 9:39

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