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I'm trying to modify the User Agent of TChromium and I found no procedure for this, in case it is using CefVCL. Already by ceflib looks like it has to yes, I saw a variable "settings" that receives a value "user_agent" but the VCL already has, will have or is not possible this way?

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There is no built in way to do this. In my experience, the user-agent setting does nothing.. so you have to edit ceflib.pas directly (line ~8532) to achieve this effect.

    settings.user_agent := cefstring(UserAgent);


    settings.user_agent := cefstring('My USERAGENT v1.0');

With the above, you may want to include your own OS and Browser Info as this blocks off CEF's implementation of those variables. Or append it, like this:

    settings.user_agent := cefstring(UserAgent+'; My UserAgent v1.0');

This is how I do it.. I've been working with DCEF1 and DCEF3 for about a year.. and still learning!

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ceflib.pas line 5549


UA: integer;
UAescojido: Ustring;


settings.cache_path := CefString(Cache);
UA:= Random(2)+1; //NEW LINE
if UA=1 then UAescojido:= 'xxxxxxxxxx'; //NEW LINE
if UA=2 then UAescojido:= 'xxxxxxxxxx'; //NEW LINE
settings.user_agent := cefstring(UAescojido);  //ASSIGN VARIABLE

You're welcome jeje

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View the demo guiclient's project source

  //CefCache := 'cache';
  CefUserAgent:='"Mozilla/5.0(Linux; U; Android 4.0.4; zh-cn; MI-ONE C1 Build/IMM76D) UC AppleWebKit/534.31 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile Safari/534.31"';

  CefOnRegisterCustomSchemes := RegisterSchemes;
  CefSingleProcess := False;
  if not CefLoadLibDefault then

  CefRegisterSchemeHandlerFactory('local', '', False, TFileScheme);

  Application.CreateForm(TMainForm, MainForm);
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