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Upon file upload, Coldfusion 8 returns: C:\ColdFusion8\runtime\servers\coldfusion\SERVER-INF\temp\wwwroot-tmp\neotmp12429.tmp did not contain a file. Does anyone know what may cause this? Bad syntax? Server permissions? Missing pieces?

My cfform tag looks like the following:

<cfset myPath = "path to my folder">
<cfset mimeTypesList = "list of mime types I can accept">

<cfif structKeyExists(FORM, "submit")>
    <cffile action="upload" fileField="#form.myImage#" destination="#myPath#"
accept="#mimeTypesList#" nameConflict="MakeUnique">

<cfform name="myForm" format="html" action="#cgi.SCRIPT_NAME#" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<cfinput type="file" name="myImage" accept="image/jpg,image/gif,image/pjpeg">
<cfinput type="submit" name="submit" value="submit">
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Does it happen all the time? Or just occasionally? –  Sam Farmer Dec 9 '09 at 1:00
Sam: In this instance it happened every single time. But I've used cffile a lot and almost never run into this issue. As you see from the solution I figured out below, it was a case of me making a mistake and Coldfusion having terrible error reporting in this particular case. –  Dan Sorensen Dec 9 '09 at 17:34
I have used a similar approach, and have noticed the same issue, however it has been intermittent. –  Ahmad Feb 16 '10 at 20:12

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I solved the problem, it's subtle, but easy to overlook.

The cffile tag's fileField attribute is simply asking for the name of the file input, NOT the resulting Coldfusion FORM variable.


<cffile action="upload" fileField="#form.myImage#" ...


<cffile action="upload" fileField="myImage" ...
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The answer above is correct but just wanted to add to it in case anyone my related issue which I have resolved.

My original image upload code was like this;

<cfobject component="#session.components#files" name="files">
<cfset url_file_path = files.uploadImage(file_upload)>

This caused a similar error mentioned in the title (C:\ColdFusion8\runtime\servers\coldfusion\SERVER-INF\temp\wwwroot-tmp\neotmp12429.tmp).

When I changed my code to;

<cfinvoke component="#session.components#files"
formField = "file_upload" 
returnvariable = "url_file_path">

All was hunky dorey! To be honest I don't know why but just something to look out for.

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