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I am trying to debug this javascript code from here :

var foreignObjects = new WeakMap,
      foreignIDs = new WeakMap,
      localObjects = new WeakMap,
      localIDs = new WeakMap,
      localCanonicals = [],
      foreignCanonicals = Object.create(null);

function initForeign(obj, proxy){

    foreignObjects.set(proxy, obj);
    foreignIDs.set(obj, proxy);
    foreignCanonicals[obj[1]] = obj;
    // Line # X
    console.log("\nobj,proxy " + JSON.stringify(obj) + "\n,\n" + JSON.stringify(proxy));
    // Line # Y
    console.log("\nIn initForeign function: \nforeignIds: " + JSON.stringify(foreignIDs) + "\nforeignObjects: " + JSON.stringify(foreignObjects) );
    console.log("\nIn initForeign function: \nLocalIds: " + JSON.stringify(localIDs) + "\nLocalObjects: " + JSON.stringify(localObjects) );

    return proxy;

I get an exception at line # X. When i comment out this line i get

In initForeign function: 
foreignIds: {}
foreignObjects: {}

Is JSON.stringify is not being able to work or parameters to initForeign i.e. obj and proxy are something special ?

I also checked obj and proxy and they are not undefined.

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