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I am using CouchDB as the database on my Android Device.

Here is the problem that I am facing:

The amount of space that couchDB takes on Android Device is very large. - Every time when couchdb starts replication, it logs the replication stats into a couch.log file - the size of this file keeps on increasing after every replication.

I do not want to log anything in this file because its a memory overhead on my Android Device. How can I stop logging into this couch.log file?

- I am using Ektorp API for CouchDB on Android.

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Set logging level to none in local.ini config file and restart CouchDB:


or via HTTP API call (sorry, don't know Java or Ektorp API, but hope you can translate cURL command into it) which doesn't requires server restart:

curl -X PUT http://localhost:5984/_config/log/level -d '"none"' -H "Content-Type:application/json"

This kind of level disables any log messages, even error reports.

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How would I set it for Android Device? – Master Sep 10 '13 at 13:25

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