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I have an apex class in which I am getting lots of count from external API.

External API returns results in JSON format. For decode this JSON I am using is the following code

ddDashboard obj = (ddDashboard) System.JSON.deserialize(json, ddDashboard.class);

Here ddDashboard is my class name. Using this I am getting counts and I am directly assigning this count to class variable.

account_total_processed_records_count= obj.account_total_processed_records_count;

Here if I write this assignment then test coverage is decreased in APEX test result.

Anybody can help me how can I increase test coverage for above problem OR how can I write test method for assigning count value to class variable from external API call.

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You can test callouts using the mockinterfaces provided by the force.com framework or loading data from static resources. Actually running a callout from test context is not possible (and not really desired).

Have a look at the documentation about this:


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