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I am building a product based on Jenkins . I need certain functionality like , some of which are:- adding a test bed , adding a test script ,i will be building the corresponding UI for it, adding data to database from jenkins for later use etc. Wherever there is no plugin for my requirement, i will writing one . What i would like to know is that is there already a plugin for the functionality listed below:

  1. add test beds to jenkins
  2. add test cases
  3. Searching the above test cases/test beds using attributes like test cases id, name etc. later through a search box
  4. Viewing report of test execution based on parameter(eg:- result for last n days, result of test cases starting with xyz etc)
  5. View list of available test beds
  6. Configure sources like HP QC and other test tools, in which the test case is to be run.

Any help is appreciated !, thanks in advance

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