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Using Rails 2.3.15 and paperclip 2.3.0

It is easy to display image as follows: i.e.


Now, I have join on two tables and from the result of the join I want to fetch and show the image.


   @searchItems = Product.find(:all, :select => "p.id, p.title, p.img_url, p.img_url_file_name, p.img_url_content_type, p.img_url_file_size, p.url, pp.selling_price",
                              :conditions => "p.category = 'Mobiles'",
                              :joins      => "as p inner join product_pricings as pp on p.id = pp.product_id")

searchItems is an array. How do I get image from the array, like I get from model.

Any help would help me lot.

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@searchItems.each do |product|

what you mean?

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Thank u very much @Miotsu. I got the actual thing. Thanks a lot.... –  user2144041 Sep 10 '13 at 9:23
Yes, i mean your solution only gave me what I wanted.... –  user2144041 Sep 10 '13 at 9:34

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