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I have a layout page under


Now inside that I have a section where I was supposed to render a partial view . So what I did inside _layout.cshtml was to provide @Html.RenderAction("Sidebar")

The controller is actually basecontroller which is inherited to all other controllers . as

public partial class BaseController : Controller
    public virtual ActionResult Sidebar()

        return View();

Now this Controller is supposed to be interited by all X,Y , Z controllers so the childaction Sidebar would be available to all of them so that @Html.Renderaction("Sidebar") doesnt have the trouble to find the child action to be rendered .

Now the problem is the partialview path is under /Areas/Admin/Views/Shared/Partials/Sidebar/cshtml

I have also configured the razor view engine to find under that particular /Areas/Admin/Views/Shared/Partials/Sidebar.cshtml. And registered it under global.asax.

But its unable to find the partial view and giving the error as


My custom razor view engine is

public class LocalizedViewEngine : RazorViewEngine
    ///{0} = View Name
    ///{1} = Controller Name

    private static readonly string[] NewPartialViewFormats = new[] {
    private static readonly string[] NewViewLocationFormats = new[] { 

    public LocalizedViewEngine()
        base.ViewLocationFormats = 
        base.PartialViewLocationFormats = 

And My global.asax contains

ViewEngines.Engines.Add(new LocalizedViewEngine());

But its unable to find the partial view under tha ~/Areas/Admin/Views/Shared/Partials/Sidebar.cshtml . Where am I going wrong ?

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