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I'm trying to retrieve the app access token of my app in order to post notifications, but for some reason, it doesn't work. Here's the code:

$AppParams = array(
    'client_id'     => 'myclientid',
    '&client_secret' => 'myclientsecret',
    '&grant_type'    =>'client_credentials'
$AppToken = $facebook->api('oauth/access_token?', 'GET', $AppParams);

I also replaced the first part with the full oauth/accesstoken link, but then it returns me general information about oauth and their facebook page, which I do not want. I did nearly the same thing in C# and there it works.

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The problem is most likely the ampersand characters in the keys of your array. You don't need them. The SDK handles the building of the url and appending the parameters. –  Lix Sep 10 '13 at 10:14

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You don't really have to request an application access token. You can simply assemble one yourself.

An application access token is formatted like this:


That's the application's id, a pipe character | and the application secret.

Make sure that this app token is not accessible to your users! Only use and reference it on the serverside - never pass this to the client. For more info, check out the last few sentences in the relevant documentation.

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Replace -

'&client_secret' => 'client_secret'

'&grant_type' => 'grant_type'
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