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I have an ipv6 mysql server. I wanna develop a windows's client using connector/C++ which can connect to my mysql server. If mysql uses an ipv4 address, I can program like this:

mysql::MySQL_Driver *driver;  
Connection *con;  
Statement *state;  
ResultSet *result;  
/* init driver */  
driver = sql::mysql::get_mysql_driver_instance();  
/* try to connect */  
con = driver->connect("tcp://", "root", "123");  
state = con->createStatement();  
state->execute("use test");  
/* query */   
result = state->executeQuery("select * from testuser where id < 1002"); 

How do I program if I want to use an ipv6 address for mysql? Please, thanks~

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You should be able to place the IPv6 address in brackets, for instance:

con = driver->connect("tcp://[::1]:3306", "root", "123");

Be sure that your MySQL server is actually listening on IPv6. MySQL versions before 5.5 did not support IPv6.

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Thanks very much.I'v fixed it up. Both MySQL client and server's version need to be 5.5 up. –  Jason Stream Sep 12 '13 at 2:45

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