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I am trying to use the internal storage IndexedDB browser, rather than the localStorage. I encounter several problems with asynchronous access. I would like to get more data stored in multiple objectstore and perform processing with data sets from the database.

To make a simple example, it could be:

var product = getProductById('xxx');
var countryTax = getCountryTax('FR');
var storeDetailed = getStoreDetailed('xxx');
var productPrice = product.price * countryTax.Tax * storeDetailed.margin;

With asynchronous access it gives:

getProductById('xxx').onComplete = function (product) {
        getCountryTax('FR').onComplete = function (product, countryTax) {
              getStoreDetailed('xxx').onComplete =function(product, countryTax, storeDetailed) {
                   var productPrice = product.price * countryTax.Tax * storeDetailed.margin;

This sounds very complicated and the code has a high adhesion to the storage method.

Almost all examples encountered feed the html page with the results of the reading base.

From my side I would like to feed variables and perform treatments with the data. Do you have an idea, please.

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It seems like you just want to use variables from a closure scope. That's not a big deal, you can easily access the variables of a outer function (like getProductById) in an inner function (like getCountryTax).

Your only problem is, that you define variables with the same name in the local scope. These will have priority and will be undefined unless it is set by the caller (even if there is a assigned variable in the closure scope with this name). Here is how you could use the closure scope variables in your example:

getProductById('xxx').onComplete = function (product) {
        getCountryTax('FR').onComplete = function (countryTax) { // removed product
              // here you can access product from closure and countryTax from local scope
              getStoreDetailed('xxx').onComplete = function(storeDetailed) { // removed arguments, too
                   // here you can access product and countryTax from closure
                   // and storeDetailed from local scope
                   var productPrice = product.price * countryTax.Tax * storeDetailed.margin;
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