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My question is simply if i have a javascript function onload like so

<body onload="myFunction()">

will this function be executed BEFORE the PHP in the rest of the body ?

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PHP runs before the markup is even sent to the browser: onload() only runs when all the markup has been sent to the browser –  Mark Baker Sep 10 '13 at 10:17
All the answers are correct, and a good way to think of it, if you are a beginner, is this: PHP prints "<body onload='myFunction()'>" , then the browser reads it, and runs myFunction in its javascript. –  halilpazarlama Sep 10 '13 at 10:19

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  1. onload doesn't get executed until the entire document, including images, has been rendered
  2. PHP runs on the server (before the browser receives the file)

It is possible for some of the output of a PHP script to arrive in the browser before the entire script has finished executing, and you could even set things up so that the HTTP response finishes before the script has finished — but that takes some complicated jiggery pokey, is rarely useful, and you should know if you've gone to such lengths.

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Thanks very much , exactly what i wanted –  Aidan Gee Sep 10 '13 at 10:18

The function itself explains it "onLoad", so when your page is loaded ( including PHP ), your function then will be executed.

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