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I have a Webapp where user can upload documents(pdf, doc, rtf, txt etc) and want to check for virus before them getting uploaded. I am running this server on centos instance and using PHP for the webapp.

What Anti virus do you think are best for this kind of functionality. I am fine with any paid solution also, but it should have latest database for virus and can scan efficiently.


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I found a list on antivirus software for ubuntu, and they should be LSD compatible, so they should work on Centos. You can use the link above the check if they are.

The list is here, and wikipedia also contains a list of linux antiviruses.

I am not sure if they all suit your needs, but I know that AVIRA has a command line scanner.

Here are some sample lines of code:

scancl / --defaultaction=ask
scancl /var/www -z --defaultaction=repair,delete
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Do you need the antivirus program itself to live on your centos OS, or are you open to connecting to the antivirus solution running on another server (or hosted solution)?

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