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I created an app using the latest version of JQuery Mobile and PhoneGap that uses PhoneGap's Storage API to store data (around 5k records I guess).

My app was rejected from Apple Store because

...app does not follow the iOS Data Storage Guidelines...

Couple of months ago, I had published a similar app using an earlier version of PhoneGap on App Store without any issues. I have not done anything new in this app so I am confused what do I have to change to make this to work.

Here are the things that I have already tried

  1. I have disabled iCloud support from my provision file for this app.
  2. After a lot of digging around, I have found out that the new versions of PhoneGap has a property called BackupWebStorage which is set to "cloud" by default. I can set it to "none" which is ideal for me.

The reference manuals says that this setting has to be set in cordova.plist file. In my project, I could not find the cordova.plist file. I do have a .plist file but it does not have this string in it.

I found that BackupWebStorage is available in config.xml file but there are couple of config.xml files in the project and BackupWebStorage is available in only one of those files.

So I am not sure where can I set BackupWebStorage to none for my project.

Have you come across a similar problem?
Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent my app from backing up the data on iCloud?
If I set BackupWebStorage to nonein config.xml file, then can I build my app using XCode or do I have to use the PhoneGap Build online service to make my app?

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Let's say your project is MySample, so the Info.plist file will be /MySample/platforms/ios/MySample/MySample-Info.plist, you are free to add/remove keys to the Info.plist file based on your needs. Take a look here.

The config.xml file where you should set BackupWebStorage to none is /MySample/platforms/ios/MySample/config.xml, but be aware that this file is overwritten every time you run CLI command "phonegap build local ios".

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Disable it by following steps

  • Open Your_Project_Folder/platforms/ios/cordova/defaults.xml
  • preference name="BackupWebStorage" value="cloud" to preference name="BackupWebStorage" value="none"
  • Save file and Build using cordova build command

Now the problem will get over. :)

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