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I am adding a new version of my app and trying to delete some languages that previous versions supported. But the delete button is disabled for me.

My app status is Prepare for upload

How do I delete a language?

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I just had the same problem and realized that it is in fact a bug. But however there is a workaround.

Just use Firefox with the Firebug Plugin, right-click the "Delete" Button and explore the element using Firebug. Within the Element you will find this element:

<div class="modules-dropdown-container locale-delete">

Select it, go to the styles tab and remove the attribute "pointer-events: none;". Then you are good to go.

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haha :D I was thinking of something similar. But then my client decided to provide me the translations instead of removing the languages. But I feel what you recommended will work. Going to accept your answer. –  Adil Malik Sep 10 '13 at 14:18
It worked for me ;) –  Microns Sep 10 '13 at 14:21

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