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I have a model with an has_many association: Charts has_many ChartConditions

charts model has fields for:

  • name (title)
  • table_name (model)

The chart_conditions model has fields for

  • assoc_name (to .joins)
  • name (column)
  • value (value)
  • operator (operator

Basically my Chart tells us which model (using the table_name field) I want to run a dynamic query on. Then the chart_conditions for the Chart will tell us which fields in that model to sort on.

So In my models that will be queried, i need to dynamically build a where clause using multiple chart_conditions.

Below you can see that i do a joins first based on all the object's assoc_name fields

Example of what I came up with. This works, but not with a dynamic operator for the name/value and also throws a deprecation warning.

  def self.dynamic_query(object)
    s = joins({|o| o.assoc_name.to_sym})

    object.each do |cond|
      s = s.where(cond.assoc_name.pluralize.to_sym => { => cond.value})

How can i then add in my dynamic operator value to this query? Also why can I not say:

s = s.where(cond.assoc_name.pluralize : { : cond.value})

I have to use the => and .to_sym to get it to work. The above syntax errors: syntax error, unexpected ':' ...ere(cond.assoc_name.pluralize : { : cond.value}) ... ^

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What if you store the query in a variable and append to that?

def self.dynamic_query(object)
  q = joins({|o| o.assoc_name.to_sym})
  object.each do |cond|
    q = q.where(cond.assoc_name.pluralize : { : cond.value})
  q # returns the full query

Another approach might be the merge(other) method. From the API Docs:

Merges in the conditions from other, if other is an ActiveRecord::Relation. Returns an array representing the intersection of the resulting records with other, if other is an array.

Post.where(published: true).joins(:comments).merge( Comment.where(spam: false) )
# Performs a single join query with both where conditions.

That could be useful to knot all the conditions together.

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if i use scoped = scoped.where(cond.assoc_name.pluralize.to_sym => { => cond.value}) it works, but rails console tells me its deprecated. If i use scoped = scoped.where(cond.assoc_name.pluralize : { : cond.value}) it errors. Also, any idea how i would do a dynamic operator for the name : value, so i could use my dynamic operator from my table column> – Joel Grannas Sep 10 '13 at 14:53

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