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When using the package glmulti to fit multiple nested models I want to pass a reference value for a factor (x2: "A", "B"). When fitting a normal glm I would use relevel(x1,"B"). This does not work strait away in glmulti, where candidate variables are passed as text.

My attempt:

multimodel<- glmulti(y="response", xr= c("x1", "relevel(x2,'A')", "x3", "x4"), 
   data=mydata, level=2, method="g", crit="aicc") 

Error message:

Error in .subset2(x, i, exact = exact) : 
attempt to select less than one element

Any suggestions on how to solve this?

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Never mind. I just realized that the reordering of factors can be done directly in the data frame before analysis as mydata$x2<- relevel(mydata$x2,"B"), which completely removed the specific problem I had with glmulti. Lazy of me not to find this out before posting the Q.

The original call can also be made as a normal glm, which also eliminates the problem:

multimodel<- glmulti(response ~ x1 + relevel(x2,"A") + x3 + x4,
   data=mydata, level=2, crit="aicc")
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