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Use case:
I have main stylesheet - main.less and another one for particular section of site - app.less. Also I use Twitter Bootstrap. And for example in main.less I have several overrides for bootstrap, and in app.less I want to mixin Bootstap class into my own one (lets take - .clearfix) - for more DRYness of my code. So I will import bootstrap.css in it and mixin needed class. On web-page at first I will include Bootstrap and other libs, then main.less and then app.less. And that will make overrides in main.less cleared, and all becomes to be messy!

How to correctly do such imports? Is it possible at all with any CSS preprocessors, not only LESS?

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Bootstrap (including its Sass ports) is written in such a way that to do anything other than simple theming is going to end up with a rather bloated style sheet containing all sorts of selectors you neither want nor use. You need to be more specific as to your problem, as it is currently way too broad. – cimmanon Sep 10 '13 at 17:21
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Is including bootstrap into the less files an option for you, like you do in development?

My approach in SCSS is like that:

  • style.scss (doesnt have any own declarations)
    • imports bootstrap.scss first
    • then imports site specific .scss files, which may contain overrides.

By doing that I can fully control the order of the files and therefore the order of declarations in the generated css file.

Of course one has to decide to trade in the ability to let Bootstrap load via CDN when included, but in my case I use a very down narrowed version of Bootstrap anyway.

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Seems like there is no other options except to combine all in one big style. – Gill Bates Sep 14 '13 at 15:48
In Less, you can do something like @import (reference) bootstrap.less which doesn't copy all the styles but just reference them. – chh Apr 30 '14 at 0:24

Bootstrap is not meant to be used like that. I mean if you use the compiled version, you should not override it. The idea is to use the less files and modify them. The approach which you are using is kinda messy and I think that there is no elegant way. I'll suggest to avoid including of compiled bootstrap.css and checkout the pure less version.

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"Customizing Bootstrap components takes time, but should be straightforward. Look to the source code often and duplicate the selectors you need for your modifications. Placing them after the Bootstrap source makes for easy overriding without complication" Bootstrap homepage. So it is exactly how Bootstrap could be customized, and customizing sources of external libraries sounds for me obscure. – Gill Bates Sep 11 '13 at 5:16

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