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I'm working on a project and I become always an Exception "TypeInitializationException". I tried to give a string to a global string variable but it failed. That's the code for the viewmodel and it failed on the second line

| {State = _}, ConsumablesClicked vm ->
    Testtyp <- vm.TrackPosition.ToString()

That's on the other programm

let mutable Testtyp = ""

I become this InnerException "Cannot read keys when either application does not have a console or when console input has been redirected from a file. Try Console.Read.".

"The type initializer for '.$BarcodeGenerieren' threw an exception.", that's the exception explication.

Has someone a Idea how solve this?

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2 Answers

That exception indicates that some code is trying to call Console.ReadKey when the standard input for that process has been redirected (see e.g. Allowing redirection of StandardInput of a C# application when doing "Console.ReadKey"). The solution is not to call Console.ReadKey, but it's not clear from your description where this is actually happening (perhaps in the static constructor for one of your types?).

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I found the solution after a lot of try and it was only, that I had a Console.Readkey in my code, that I forgot to delete.

I had before a console apllication and I transformed it to be a class.

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