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I'm trying to set up Jenkins as follows:

Test Job --> (Test Job 1 & Test Job 2 in parallel) --> Test Job 3 --> Test Job 4

I have this working at present using the Join Plugin (https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Join+Plugin) and Build Pipeline Plugin.

However the display on the Build Pipeline unnecessarily 2 x Test Job 3s and 2 x Test Job 4s after the join, see below:

enter image description here

Set up for each job is as follows:

Test Job: enter image description here

Test Job 1 & 2: enter image description here

Test Job 3:

enter image description here

Test Job 4:

enter image description here

I would like to remove the "blue" versions of Test Job 3 and Test Job 4 from my Build Pipeline after the two parallel processes finish.

Anybody able to help me to remove these?


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I'm using the Multijob Plugin for a similar use case without problems. Give it a try ;) –  Sasch de Vet Sep 17 '13 at 8:41
This incompatibility between the Join and the Build Pipeline plugins has already been reported as Jenkins bug 18464 –  John McGehee Mar 6 at 21:31

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I recommend using the Multijob Plugin alone without the Build Pipeline Plugin.

The Multijob Plugin gives you the functionality of the Join Plugin, and its configuration is more straightforward. I actually prefer how it displays my running build.

You can put a multijob into a build pipeline, but the placement of the jobs within the pipeline is wrong The jobs within the multijob are displayed in vertically in alphabetical order (not build order). On the positive side, everything else seems to work, so this should be easy to fix. I reported this problem as Jenkins bug 22074.

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the 'Jenkins - Build Pipeline' plugin support customize css , maybe you could make it unvisable by css

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