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I recently converted all the images in our site to webP format. Now the problem is firefox, opera and IE are not displaying the images in webP format.

I googled this and came across JS libraries to overcome this:

 1.First I included weppy.js in the head but this did not solve it
 2.I tried including googles webpjs-0.0.2.min.js library and webpjs-0.0.2.swf both in the same directory, but still to no avail

I did include, both the files in every possible combination inside head and at the end of the body tag

Can someone help me on this?

And can I group my webP images to CSS sprites?

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webp is supported only by chrome and the latest opera... so you it's better you create a custom function that checks if it's the latest opera and chrome else display png's or jpg's.weppy is a big code... –  cocco Sep 10 '13 at 13:59
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