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I recently have been asked to write a .dll and some function that works with it. Since I've never touched this before, I would appologize if I asked something stupid.

First of all, my IDE is Visual Studio 2012 Express version.

On the other (green) hand, I follow the instructions at: to create projects.

I successfully built the dll project as adviced. The .dll file is peacefully lying in the Debug folder. However, when I create another project and try to reference to the .dll file that I created in the first project, at Framework and References page, I clicked Add New Reference, and no dll is found.

I am quite confused at this, since I've done everything the MSDN said. Thus I start to wonder if this is a limitation of Express version.

Can anyone clue me if I am on the right track?

Many thanks in advance.

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The instructions say

The Add Reference dialog box lists the libraries that you can reference. The Project tab lists the projects in the current solution and any libraries that they contain. On the Projects tab, select the check box next to MathFuncsDll, and then choose the OK button.

This means you add a reference to the dll project in the references section, not the dll that it produces.

Don't forget to link with the .lib file the dll project produces and give it a fighting chance of finding any header files you need to include, as per the instructions

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Thanks, doc. I do really appreciate. :-) – ChangeMyName Sep 10 '13 at 14:17

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