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I am trying to install phabricator behind apache http server. The problem is that i would like to have an url like

http://myserver.fr.xxxx/phabricator and not http://myserver.fr.xxxx/

i have tried several configuration in apache but i am not able to have phabricator working correctly (alias,redirect).

Is there any solution with a tricky apache configuration or phabricator future release to handle this ?

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This is not supported, and we do not plan to support it. The install documentation should probably make this more clear, although it is mentioned in the Configuration Guide:

You can either install Phabricator on a subdomain (like phabricator.example.com) or an entire domain, but you can not install it in some subdirectory of an existing website.

We don't plan to support this because support would be complex and have security implications, and only a tiny number of very small installs would benefit.

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