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I'm starting to experiment with Yeoman, but I'm having some issues with the webapp generator. I followed the tutorial on the homepage, and the application was generated fine. However, after I preview it in the browser (using grunt server), the static resources like scripts and styles are returning 404s.

Here is the list of commands I've run:

  1. yo webapp
  2. grunt build
  3. grunt server

The result in the browser looks like basic HTML with no styles and requests for static resources are returning 404: enter image description here

The "bower_components" directory is missing. Should it be generated automatically when I build the application? the .bowerrc file seems to be the place that references this directory, but I am wondering if I should create it manually or not. I am new to bower, so what's the recommended way to go about this?

All this is running on Windows. Any help is appreciated.

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During a successful Yeoman scaffold (during the yo webapp process), bower install will be run to install all of the dependencies listed in bower.json. It's likely something went wrong during the scaffolding process, aborting it before bower install could be wrong.

Try running bower install from the root directory of your project (where bower.json exists), and see if it creates that app/bower_components directory.

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Yes, this helped. It seems the the install failed the first time. I had issues that Git was not in the PATH, so that may have been the reason. I was expecting the whole operation to be atomic (don't generate anything if something fails) –  Slavo Sep 10 '13 at 14:36

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