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I am getting below error while trying to push gitolite-admin repo after adding a repo name in gitolite.conf.
Below is the error.
Cloning works fine and I have already pushed some of the pub keys to the repo.

open conf/gitolite.conf-compiled.pm.new failed: Permission denied<<newline>>
system() failed,gitolite compile,-> 6400

Whereas cloning and pushing works fine for testing repo.

Gitolite user is gitolite3 and apache user writes to it and the protocol which am using is http.

Not sure where exactly it is failing. Help is much appreciated.

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Check the permissions of your gitolite directories. Everything needs to be owned by the 'git' user. To set it recursively across your installation: chmod -R git /home/git –  kraffenetti Oct 14 '13 at 18:49

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