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I've been doing a script that allows me to search for an item in amazon using the ASIN number (Amazon product number) to retrieve some of the characteristics of the item.

I'm using the jugend amazon/ecs gem and I'm able to access the data but I haven't been able to access the UPC code (universal product code) that's supposedly part of the response I get from the API.

This is the code i'm using, the first 3 responses are good, and the last two lines which i'm trying to use to retrieve the upc code return nil

res = Amazon::Ecs.item_search('B003BLPT60', :search_index => 'All')

res.items.each {|x|
                   ap x.get_element('ItemAttributes').get('ProductGroup')
                   ap x.get('ItemAttributes/Title')
                   ap x.get_element('ItemAttributes').get('Manufacturer')
                   ap x.get('UPC')
                   ap x.get_element('ItemAttributes').get('UPC')

Does someone has an idea on how to retrieve this? I'm looking the field as part of the response in the API documentation but i can't access it.

Thanks in advance

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