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I'm working on online free examination website. Using PHP, jQuery & session I'm displaying questions with choices on front end. If user clicks any choice among displayed choices (radio buttons with same name for all choices as obvious) I'm storing selected question number & choice (as answer1/answer2 up to answer2) in session variable, adding current quesno & choice to previous one.

The problem is if I want to change the answer which I'vE already answered, it's just appending as new result instead of updating.

I've tried to loop through that session variable but stuck. The following is the data format I'm storing into session variable.

if( $_POST['qno'] && $_POST['choice'] ){
    $ques_no = $_POST['qno'];
    $selected_choice = $_POST['choice'];// choices in radio buttons with name choice

    if( isset($_SESSION['result']) ){

        //here i'm trying to loop though $_SESSION['result'] to check the below format
 >> ','.$ques_no.',' << in session so that it can be changed, i stuck here.

        $_SESSION['result'] = ','.$ques_no.','.$selected_choice.'|';

If this procedure is OK to follow please tell me the process of loop through and check whether that pattern existed in session or not; if it is wrong procedure please guide me.

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The easiest way to accomplish this is to make $_SESSION['result'] an array rather than a string. Then you don't have to worry about if statements at all, except to make sure $_SESSION['result'] exists, you just assign the value in a single step and you're done:

if (!isset($_SESSION['result'])) $_SESSION['result'] = array();
$_SESSION['result'][$ques_no] = $selected_choice;

Just make sure you edit your other code to interpret $_SESSION['result'] as an array, or else you'll get some unexpected results.

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Thanks @DiMono for your kind suggestion. I will try this. –  avinash Sep 10 '13 at 14:44
You still have to worry about current value of $_SESSION['result']. At least you have to check if it exists and if it's array. –  Elon Than Sep 10 '13 at 14:55
@ElonThan Thanks, I overlooked that; I've edited it in. –  DiMono Sep 10 '13 at 15:11

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