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I am importing emails into an application using imap:

I have the following code:

since_time = Net::IMAP.format_date sync_time

google.email.all folder: folder, keys: [ 'SINCE', since_time ] do |mail, imap, uid|
  flags = imap.uid_fetch(uid, ['FLAGS'])[0].attr['FLAGS']

  if flags.include?(:Seen)
    #flags always has :Seen

I want to mark emails as unread if they have not been read but using the code above, the :Seen flag is always returned.

My understanding was that the :Seen flag is only returned if the email has been marked as read.

Am I misunderstanding how the flags should work?

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Check whether the rest of your application triggers the FETCH command of some BODY parts. As a side effect of that operation, the \Seen keyword is set automatically. You are probably looking for BODY.PEEK. It is also a good idea to use EXAMINE instead of SELECT for opening the mailbox read-only.

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