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I have been trying to create a copy of an object but it appears to be linked in some way. Here is an example

Dim dataview as DataView = results.DefaultView

' Some amazing foreach loop
' but thoughtout the loop I want to create a copy of the data and then filter it

Dim filterView as DataView = dataview
filterView.RowFilter = "County = '" & loop.County &"'"

The plan is to then loop through this subset of data but when I debug the project the data contained within dataview is the same as filterView. I have tried DirectCast() and still get the same result. How do I create a copy of the object without creating some link to the original object?

Hope this makes sense but let me know if you need any further clarification.

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Use Clone method to copy the table structure (Schema). Use the ImportRow method to copy from table to its clone. OR You can use the Copy method of a DataTable object to copy the entire DataTable: OR Copy from the results of a DataView.


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Thanks, I ended up using .Copy() as I couldn't be bothered to copy the data in! –  Matt Sep 10 '13 at 16:01

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