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I recently started testing TornadoWeb for a home-project, which uses jquery getJSON function to call my tornado handlers. And found something strange, which i seek an explanation for.

I fire an ajax request for Handler1 on tornado, and in some cases request for Handler2 is initiated before Handler1 returns. It appears from development-server logs, and firebug console-debugging, that Handler2 request waits for Handler1 request to finish, and then return. So basically, XHR call is waiting for earlier XHRs. They are supposed to be asynchronous/non-blocking right?? Or am i missing something.

You can check the test-case environment called testtornado at with as server triggering file.

I would appreciate help from anyone who can throw some light on this.

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Would you be able to share a little more information about the call you are trying to make in jquery. If you could, could you post an example of the javascript that you are trying to execute. – scptre Dec 12 '09 at 21:09
The whole code is in github repository stated in my question. – simplyharsh Dec 13 '09 at 7:21

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After reviewing your test.js file, get_handler1 and get_handler2 are entirely independent of each other. However, your browser or proxy (if you're using one) may be enforcing a one request per domain limit which would cause your XHR requests to appear to be synchronous. Popular HTTP debugging proxies such as Fiddler can enforce such limits -- browsers also tend to have settings which you can modify to ensure your browser will issue more than one request per domain concurrently.

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Couldn't get better explanations here. Although some better insights can be found Tornado group discussion. Thanks.

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