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I wrote some procedures in Oracle. Now I should write documentation for them. But I did not write any documentation for plsql procedures before. So I want to share your experiences. Which information should be included and excluded in the document? Do you have any template for plsql document design?

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Take a look at the standard Oracle documentation of PL/SQL subprograms. Here is an example.

In general:

  • Provide a list or table of the subprograms at the top level of your doc: just the subprogram name and a one-line description for each. Link these to the detailed descriptions of the individual subprograms, if possible.

  • For each subprogram:

    • Say what it does, in general terms.

    • Give the calling sequence(s) (i.e., signatures), including the parameter data types and whether IN, OUT, or INOUT. For functions include the return value data type.

    • Describe each parameter. Mention any usage rules or considerations.

    • Provide any details about the use or behavior that are needed to use the subprogram well.

    • Provide an illustrative example or two, if it is otherwise not clear how to use the subprogram. Keep examples short --- they should serve the purpose of communicating how to call the subprogram.

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