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The question (which I intend to answer myself in order to selfishly boost my microscopic reputation) is c# code to tell whether or not a given sentence in either NMEA or TAIP format is valid... essentially calculating what the checksum should be and comparing it with the given checksum, and returning true or false...

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Have a look at this SO question – Matt Sep 10 '13 at 16:48
Yes, part of my answer credits Carson63000's answer there, but his only covers NMEA messages... my answer (which I can post in 7 hours) will cover TAIP messages as well... helpful for users of the Utility Rockets which use both formats of messages... – Jason Miller Sep 10 '13 at 16:51
Fixed question: sentences aren't part of GPS. "Sentences" are part of the communications protocol (such as NMEA or TAIP) used to communicate with some (but by no means all) GPS receivers (e.g., those receivers supporting NMEA or TAIP). – Nicholas Carey Sep 10 '13 at 18:00
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Here is the code that I came up with...some credit goes to the answer provided by Carson63000 here

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        Console.WriteLine(IsNMEAMessageValid("$GPRMC,102957.92,A,4104.8569,N,00836.4700,W,0.000,5.822,230211,0,W,A*1B").ToString());   // should be false, changed the checksum from 2B to 1B

        Console.WriteLine(IsTAIPMessageValid(">RPV68168+4008572-0828021400026912;ID=M123;*c<").ToString());    // should be false, changed the checksum from d to c

        Console.WriteLine(IsTAIPMessageValid(">RPV54366+4001403-0828656300005512;ID=GH75;*7b<").ToString());    // should be false, changed the checksum from 7c to 7b


    private static bool IsNMEAMessageValid(string sentence)
        // Checksum for NMEA includes XOR on all characters between (not including) the $ and the *, including the commas...
        int checksum = Convert.ToByte(sentence[sentence.IndexOf('$') + 1]);
        for (int i = sentence.IndexOf('$') + 2; i < sentence.IndexOf('*'); i++)
            checksum ^= Convert.ToByte(sentence[i]);
        int givenChecksum = Convert.ToInt16(sentence.Split('*')[1], 16);
        return checksum == givenChecksum;

    private static bool IsTAIPMessageValid(string sentence)
        // Checksum for TAIP includes XOR on all characters starting with > and up to and including *
        int checksum = Convert.ToByte(sentence[sentence.IndexOf('>')]);
        for (int i = sentence.IndexOf('>') + 1; i < sentence.IndexOf('*') + 1; i++)
            checksum ^= Convert.ToByte(sentence[i]);
        char[] splitChars = { '*', '<' };
        int givenChecksum = Convert.ToInt16(sentence.Split(splitChars)[1], 16);
        return checksum == givenChecksum;
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