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Hi I am trying to integrate EnterprisLibrary Logging block into my application using a database as storage.Here is what I have so far:

I have runed the scripts for the database and have created a database called e-shop.Logging that has 3 tables Category , CategoryLog and Log.

I have created this configuration on my web config:

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In my code I have this configuration class:

public static class LoggerBootstrapper
    public static void Start()
        DatabaseFactory.SetDatabaseProviderFactory(new DatabaseProviderFactory());

        Logger.SetLogWriter(new LogWriterFactory().Create());

This is called in Global.asax in my WebApi project.

And this is the class that I use in my entire application:

public class ExceptionLogger : IExceptionLogger
    public void LogServerException(Exception exception)
        string logger = LoggerCategories.ServerLogger.ToString();
        Logger.Write(exception, LoggerCategories.ServerLogger.ToString());

    public void LogClientException(Exception exception)
        Logger.Write(exception, LoggerCategories.ClientLogger.ToString());
 public enum LoggerCategories

When I call the LogServerException or LogClientException , the data get's stored in the Log table but nothing get's stored in the Category and CategoryLog tables.

I first asummed that I had to add the categories myself so I added this two categories: ServerLogger ClientLogger

Of course it did not work.I have seen this configured that when you add a category it automaticly get's added to the Category table and when an exception get's added the mapping beetween Category and Log is automaticly done threw CategoryLog.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here? Why when I am adding an exception data get's added only in the log table and the other two table are not updated?

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After going threw the XML I realized that the stored procedure ressposible for adding the category was not set right.I had it set to ServerLogger an the actual stored procedure name was AddCateogry.

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