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I have this redirection in the middle of my controller so if something isn't there, it will redirect you to a new area of the site if needed. Here is the problem. It is just ignoring the redirect in the code. It looks like this.

if conditions
  redirect_to "/new/address"

I can't even figure out why it won't redirect, but I know it makes it into the conditional and literally just ignores the redirect. What am I missing here!?

I am using Rails 2 and Ruby 1.8

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Try putting a return after the redirect –  firien Sep 10 '13 at 17:15

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What are you seeing? Is it raising an error? Is there an error message in the console when running "script/server"? For this to work, there should be something to handle the path "new", typically a controller called "NewsController" (plural form) or some rule in the routes.rb file.

If you are seeking to create a new address, then you may be looking for something like

if conditions
   redirect_to new_address_path
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Did you try to use rails paths instead of a string path there?

Try something like

redirect_to :action => 'new'

if the method is inside this controller, or something like

redirect_to :controller => 'adress', :action => 'new'

To see if the result changes.

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Don't forget that a redirect_to or render call in a Rails action do not terminate the method. Method execution continues to the end before the redirect/render is performed. So if you're looking to terminate execution of the method at that point add a return statement. The usual pattern is:

redirect_to(<my route>) and return
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