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Now that I've figured out how to use JAXB generate JSON I can request/respond with it on my server and I'd like to figure out how I can generate useful documentation for human beings that are not using Java. My server code looks like this:

public String postAPath(InstanceWithXmlRootElementAnnotation instanceWithXmlRootElementAnnotation) {

That's all well in good if someone is using Java. I just give them the Jar with the InstanceWithXmlRootElementAnnotation class in it and tell them to send it over (yes, there's a little more work, ignore those details).

If they're using some other language, I don't know how I'm supposed to tell them the format of their payload and what to expect from the server if it returns a InstanceWithXmlRootElementAnnotation. How can I generate documentation that explains the expected format of the JSON payload?

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Swagger is a good option (per @fehguy) and you should also check out enunciate and see what works best for your application...

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Please note that enunciate is not compatible with java 8. –  Manuel Darveau Aug 18 '14 at 15:32

Yes, this is precisely what Swagger is for. Take a look at github for details on how this integrates with JAX-RS

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Swagger uses annotations which might get you confused with other functional annotations ..

Use APIDOC for making this nice separation between functional annotations and documentation. It looks like a normal documentation above each method. ex:

 * @api {get} /user/:id Request User information
 * @apiName GetUser
 * @apiGroup User
 * @apiParam {Number} id Users unique ID.
 * @apiSuccess {String} firstname Firstname of the User.
 * @apiSuccess {String} lastname  Lastname of the User.
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Also try enunciate, it parses the javadoc and JAX-RS annotations of your service classes to generate documentation:


Here is some example documentation generated by enunciate:


There is a maven plugin that works well.It also generates client libraries in various languages as well as sample xml for xml based services. It now supports swagger documentation as well.

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Isn't this what @condit already said? –  Daniel Kaplan Jul 25 '14 at 16:56
FYI the example documentation link is broken. –  WW. Mar 31 at 4:28

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