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I've got a case class with some optionals:

case class Person (
  name: String, 
  nationality: Option[String], 
  email: Option[String], 
  gender: Option[String]

Using play 2.1.3 I'm trying to create a JSON looking like:

{"name": "Joe", "email": "john@doe.com"}

for an object:

val user = new User("Joe, None, Some("john@doe.com"), Some("male"))


val myJson = Json.obj("name" -> user.name, 
    "nationality" -> user.nationality, "email" -> user.email)

I however get:

{"name": "Joe", "nationality": null, "email": "john@doe.com"}

How can I avoid the nationality with null value in the JSON?

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After realizing that the problem was related to the play JSON handling, I managed to find a solution inspired by I need advice on Play's Json and elegant Option handling in the Writes trait. I'm not convinced that this is the most elegant solution out there, but it works:

def writes(person: Person): JsValue = {
    Seq[(String, JsValue)]() ++
    Some(person.name).map("name" -> JsString(_)) ++
    person.email.map("email" -> JsString(_))
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