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The name for the default communicator is MPI_COMM_WORLD. I want it to be mpicomm in my program. How do I set the communicator to the name I want?

Note, that my program is already working using this variable name, 'mpicomm', but I never actually told the program that that should be the name of the communicator. I guess the value of MPI_COMM_WORLD is 0 and so is 'mpicomm' when I run the program. But I don't want this to be working due to a fluke.

For example:

program main
use mpi
implicit none
integer :: mpierr, mpicomm, rank
call MPI_Init(mpierr)
call MPI_Comm_rank(mpicomm,rank,mpierr)
call MPI_Finalize(mpierr)
end program main

This works, and rank comes out to the correct value; however, I don't think this is going to work if MPI_COMM_WORLD happens to be some value besides zero.

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I don't think you can rely on mpi_comm_world being 0; I just checked an mpif.h file I have lying around and in that the value is 91. I think you got lucky passing an uninitialised variable (your mpicomm) as an input argument in the call to mpi_comm_rank.

Since mpi_comm_world is, as far as Fortran is concerned, just an integer, why not insert the line

mpicomm = mpi_comm_world

before you first use mpicomm ? You could probably even declare it like this

integer, parameter :: mpicomm = mpi_comm_world
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Yeah, that will work. Simple, yet effective. I don't know why I didn't think of that. Thanks. –  rks171 Sep 10 '13 at 19:01

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